Curricular Materials Overview

  • In order to serve the educational needs of students in the Coeur d'Alene School District, all instructional materials for use within the school setting, whether purchased, loaned, or generated by teachers or others, shall adhere to the highest quality. Our current list of instructional materials are always available here.

    Our educational professionals consider curriculum along with student needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles. They consider best practices, and assess the quality of the materials based on two criteria:

    Criteria 1: Connection to educational objectives outlined in the District curriculum at each grade level:
    1. Encourage critical thinking by including controversial situations and points of view;
    2. Represent diverse eras and aspects of our culture and other cultures;
    3. Represent specific literary techniques and elements;
    4. As a whole, the identified materials create balance and emphasis within the curriculum; and
    5. Materials from previous grade levels provide a foundation for subsequent grade levels and curriculum goals.

    Criteria 2: Relevance to student needs:

    1. Appropriate level of difficulty, including complexity of vocabulary, syntax, plot, organization, and abstractness of language;
    2. Recognize that students are more motivated to read and better understand those materials that draw upon their backgrounds;
    3. Provide a balance between materials which draw upon students’ background and experience and those which expand their experience;
    4. Include selections appropriate for whole class instruction, small group work, and individual study; and
    5. Take into consideration students’ emotional, intellectual, and social maturity levels.

Current Adoptions

Adoption Cycle

  • 2019: English Language Arts (Grades K-05)

    2018: English Language Arts (Grades 06-12) CURRENT CYCLE Click for more information

    2017: Social Studies (Grades K-5); Fine & Performing Arts (Grads K-12); Career and Technical Education (Grades 09-12)

    2016: Science (Grades K-12)

    2015: Mathematics (Grades K-12)