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    Objectives/Course Description GEOMETRY (9,10,11,12) 2 Credits/2 Semesters

    Geometry is a Math course involving measurement and dealing with shapes. Some of the concepts studied in elementary Algebra will be helpful to the student's understanding of Geometry. Geometry is valuable because of its wide variety of applications to other subjects such as astronomy, art and chemistry.  Through the use of logic and imagination, the student will examine the postulated structure of Euclidean Geometry.  Prerequisite: Passing Algebra with a C or better.


    Text – Prentice Hall Mathematics, Geometry, Authors; Bass, Charles, Johnson, Kennedy

    Supplies to have with you daily

    ·         Writing utensil

    ·         Compass & protractor

    ·         Notebook / paper

    ·         Calculator / not the one on your cell phone J


    LCHS & Classroom Cell phone policy

    ·         Cell phones cannot be seen, heard, or activated during the school day.  Only if a teacher specifically instructs students to use their phones for an activity, then it can be out.


    ·         Homework is assigned every class day and due and the beginning of the following class day.  One point for each completed, legible, and all work shown, homework assignment.


    ·         Test every day at the beginning of class.  Tests will cover the previous days lecture and homework.  1 point for each correct test question answered (again, all work must be complete, legible and all work shown).


    ·         Grades will be posted to skyward every 2 weeks.

    ·         Your grade is the amount of points accumulated over a 2 week period divided by the total points available.  A typical two week period has 15-25 points available.

    How to earn a Point

    ·         1 point for completed, legible, and all work shown, homework assignment.

    ·         1 point for each correct test question answered (again work must be complete, legible, and all work shown).

    Work hard – be nice JJ Class Rules/Behavior Expectations

    ·         1st violation – verbal warning

    ·         2nd violation – call home

    ·         3rd violation – discipline principal                                                                              


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