• State Leadership Conference 

    Date: March 6-9, 2019 Location: Boise State University


     You may qualify for state by achieving any of the following:
    • Place in the top 3 in an individual graded event at the Regional Leadership Conference.
    • Place in the top 2 in a individual judged event at the Regional Leadership Conference.
    • Earn 1st Place in a team judged event at the Regional Leadership Conference.
    • Score a 90% or higher in an open event at the Regional Leadership Conference.
    • Earn 50 torch points in each category for the Statesman Torch Award.


    You MUST commit for state by January 9, 2019 and pay your registration, hotel & transportation fees (cash/check or by fundraising by January 30, 2019). This does not include the mandatory $25 travel fee paid to the activities secretary. If you are going to state, fill out the form below.
    BSU may not provide all of the equipment required for all judged event, so students will be allowed to use their own equipment. (Presenting from laptop/tablet is fine). Please follow the WSAP on requirements. You should still bring your presentation on a flash drive, and/or uploaded to a cloud account like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). A projector screen will only be available for events where it's required according to the WSAP.
    If you need to bring any equipment for your event (power cord, projector, easel, clicker, etc.), please see Mr. Keylon and make arrangements.
    Also, don't forget your required paperwork for your judged events! Again, see the WSAP requirements. All pre-submission paperwork is due by 02/07/2019!



    Graded and Judged Events:

    • When & where do I do my event for State? How many go to Nationals? Do I have everything turned in so I can go?
    • Where do I pre-submit my pre-submission materials?
      • http://legacy.bpa.org/submit
        • Use your BPA member login information to submit the required materials and follow the 2 steps. Step 1: Choose Idaho BPA SLC as the conference. Step 2: Choose the event you are submitting for.
        • Due by February 7, 2019


    Other Important State Information: