2022-23   Band/Orchestra Performance Schedule                                                                                                            

    • September 26th       6th grade band/choir/strings beginning week

    • December 6              CMS Holiday Band Concert 6 pm

    • December 13            CMS Holiday Strings Concert 6 pm

    • February 22                LCHS District Strings Festival 7pm concert

    • March 11 Dist 1          solo/ensemble festival

    • March 15-16 / 21         Large Group Festival band/orchestra

    • May 9th  (Tues)           Spring Orchestra concert (all strings) 6 pm

             May 16th (Tues)           Spring Band concert (all bands) 6 pm


    • What You Will Need For Music Class:
      • An instrument AND a technique book when required. (see below)
      • A 3 ring binder with plastic protector sheets (for sheet music)
      • a pencil
      • An agenda
    • The expectations of musicianship are:
      • Progression of skills demonstrated by practice and regular skills tests.
      • A commitment to ALL concerts and performances
      • A desire to be EXCELLENT!
    • Technique Books: 
    • 6th grade band students           “Sound Innovations” book 1
    • Intermediate band students     “Sound Innovations” book 1 (continued)/book 2 
    • Advanced band students              “Sound Innovations” book 2
    • 6th grade string students          “Sound Innovations” book 1,
    • Advanced Orchestra                    “Sound Innovations” book 2
    • Practice record expectations:  Students should complete a total of 20 minutes of individual practice per school night.  This should be recorded in daily detail and submitted to the instructor each Friday via schoology.
      • Late practice records will be processed according to school late work policy.

    Performance expectations:  Scheduled concerts are expected and graded as per district policy.  Please make every effort to support our ensembles with your participation. Additionally, an occasional class playing test may be required.