Role of Parents

  • Parents are their child’s most important teachers, their advocates, and partners with the school to provide an excellent education for their child.  If a parent believes his / her child has a disability or is having problems in school, parents are always encouraged to contact the child’s teacher to discuss these concerns.  Building a strong parent / school relationship begins with effective communication.  Parents play a key role by providing important information to schools about their child’s needs, particularly for students with disabilities. At each 504 Team meeting, a copy of Parent’s Rights in relation to Section 504 will be distributed. 

    If a parent has a question or concern about the implementation of his/her child’s 504 Plan, he/she is encouraged to work closely with the child’s case manager (school counselor) and teacher. The building principal is also a recommended point of contact.  Complaints may be filed with the District’s Coordinator for Section 504.  Formal complaints may be filed with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

    Parents' Guide to Section 504