504 Plans

  • A 504 Plan is a written accommodation plan created by the student’s 504 team. The plan outlines the accommodations necessary for the student who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities.  These accommodations are actions or services provided for a student with a disability in an effort to meet the educational needs of the student as adequately as the educational needs of a non-disabled students are met.  504 Plans are reviewed at least once per year by the team, and eligibility must be re-determined every three years by the 504 team.

    Teachers, doctors, or parents can refer a child for consideration for evaluation under Section 504.  Each school’s 504 Coordinator is the School Counselor.  He / She is the case manager for 504 plans and determines membership of the 504 team.  The 504 team is typically comprised of two or more persons who have knowledge about the child, the meaning of the evaluation data and accommodation / placement options. Parents are members of the 504 team and are given notice before their child is evaluated for a 504 Plan. This team reviews and considers documentation (teacher’s reports, notes from doctors / agencies, grades, disciple reports, health / attendance records, etc.), assigns accommodations and/or interventions, and monitors the 504 Plan’s effectiveness.

    Health Plans vs Section 504 vs IEP