• Goals and Objectives:

    The primary objectives of Biology are to give students the skills they need to

    meet district, state and national standards for science, to pass their high school EOCA, and to

    gain interest and practical knowledge of life science. My biology course will focus on both scientific

    processes and scientific principles. We will use the textbook and supplement reading and notes with

    lots of class activities and labs.


    As we learn about these specific topics I plan to emphasize skills in reading, writing, and math, which

    will help students to pass the state high school exams (now required for graduation). My

    objectives also include teaching students to recognize the connections between the branches of science,

    recognize the pervasiveness of science, ask intelligent questions, recognize their own biases when

    making observations, critically evaluate assumptions, data, and evidence, create and interpret graphs,

    and use technology, math and logic to answer scientific questions.


    We will be using computer spread sheets, the internet, and graphing calculators at various times during

    the semester. We will read from the textbook during class almost every day.


    Other, non-academic, objectives I emphasize are job skills such as being to work on time, being

    prepared to work, working well with others, paying attention to detail, following instructions, and

    completing work. Success follows effort.