• Learning Technologies

    Here's how PE can be benefitical to health and wellness!

    Pedometers: Gage students activity levels by counting their steps taken during the class period. Students should be hitting 50% of the class time at a moderate to vigorous level of fitness. Students can use this formula (80 multiplied to number of minutes active ie: 80×45= 3,600 steps) to figure out how many steps are needed for a certain time in an activity.

    Heart Rate Monitors: Gage students activity levels by monitoring their heart rate in various activities.

    Pulse Sticks: Allow students to check their pulse during workouts by placing their hand on the stick that reads their pulse.

    Computer (downloadable pedometers): The computer is used for a quick an easy way for students to record their step count for the class. They place their pedometer on the reader and it electronically puts it in the computer under the students name.

    Fitnessgram (logging physical activity, eating habits etc.) Computer program that allows students to log various activities. Nation wide program that Physical Education is using.

    Wii: Just Dance 4

    iPad: Using similar apps as the iPod Touch but also filming events that take place and uploading them to Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant.

    iPod Touch: an app that we use Nike Training Club