• Encourage Your Child to Read
    • Share books and read with your child.
    • Make a time and place for reading in your home and talk about reading in your family
    • Set a good example - read on your own.
    • Allow your child to select books to read and be aware of your childs reading interests.
    • Go to your local public library and register your child for a library card
    • When preparing for family road trips, stock up on audiobooks from your library or bookstore.




    • Set up a writing station at home where your child canwrite and draw; provide paper, markers, crayons, and other materials to encourage writing and drawing.
    • Encourage him/her to share what he/she liked and/or did not like about the story.
    • Encourage your child to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences.
    • Provide opportunities for your child to practice writing his/her first and last name using a pencil or crayon.
    • Make sure he/she capitalizes the first letters correctly.


    • Count objects in the home, grocery store, etc., up to 20.
    • Place 10 objects in a container. Make up a story problem using the objects. For example,there are 10 apples in a basket. Three apples fell on the floor. How many are left? Continue the activity by using different amounts, adding and subtracting.
    • At the dinner table, ask who has more water in their glass? Who has less food on their plate?
    • Collect several items (books, blocks, cans, balls, etc.). Have your child explain how the items are different or alike.
    • Collect a series of like items (coins, candies, etc.) and make sets of unequal amounts. Deter mine which set is greater than or less than the other set using matching and/or counting.
    • While riding in a car, identify shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, cubes, cones,cylinders, and spheres) on buildings and/or signs.
    • Play “Make Ten.” Begin with any number 1–9 and determine how many more are needed to“make ten” using pictures and /or objects.




    • Create a replica of your favorite animal using craft materials.
    • Sort objects based on shape and texture (paper, fabric, leaves).
    • Plant seeds, care for the plants, and watch them grow.
    • Make observations using your five senses on a visit tothe park.