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    Whenever children are brought into group settings, there is a potential for the spread of infectious disease. To help protect your child and others from vaccine-preventable diseases, certain immunizations are required before children can attend public schools in Idaho. To learn more about immunization requirements for Idaho school children, see the Guide to Idaho School Immunization Requirements for Parents of Children in or Entering Preschool & Grades K-12.

    If you don't have a primary care provider, you can contact Panhandle Health District at 208-425-5270 to inquire about getting your child vaccinated, or you can visit Panhandle Health Department. 

    Pursuant to Idaho Code 39-4802, a parent/guardian may exempt their child from any or all immunizations required by the State of Idaho by submitting to school officials 1) a medical exemption signed by a physician licensed by the Idaho State Board of Medicine, or 2) a statement signed by a parent/guardian stating their objection to immunizations for their child on religious or other grounds. 

    Idaho School Immunization Exemption Form  


    School Immunization FAQ

Addressing Parental Concerns

  • Immunizations: Addressing Parental Concerns