Illness Guidelines

  • When a student becomes ill but does not require immediate medical help, a determination must be made about whether the student should be sent home (i.e., should be temporarily excluded from school). Most illnesses do not require exclusion.

    The building administrator, school nurse, or designee should determine whether the student’s illness meets the following criteria for exclusion:

    • Prevents the student from participating comfortably in activities as determined by staff members of the school.
    • Results in need for care that is greater than staff members can provide without compromising the health and safety of other students.
    • Poses a risk of spread of harmful disease to others (on the list of specific excludable conditions).

    If any of these criteria are met, the student should be excluded, regardless of the type of illness, unless a health professional determines the student’s condition does not require exclusion. To attend school, the student must be absent a fever without the aid of fever-reducing medicine

    For more information see: Illness Guidelines 3520E2 (Board Policy Website)