The following graduation requirements beginning with the class of 2013.

    1.    Math & Science requirement is 3 years each.  One year (2 credits) of Math shall be taken in the student’s senior year and @ least 2 years (4 credits) of Science will be laboratory-based.

    2.    Credits required for graduation will be 46 for the class of 2013 and beyond.

    3.    A Senior Project will be required for graduation. A Senior Project sub-committee is creating district guidelines include, but are not necessarily limited to, a research paper & an oral presentation.

    4.    Beginning with the class of 2013, a student must take one of the required college entrance exams, (SAT/ACT/COMPASS) during a student’s junior year to meet graduation requirements.






    English: 9



    Freshman English: 2




    Sophomore English: 2




    Junior English: 2




    Senior English: 2




    Speech Arts (Speech, Media, Debate): 1

    Mathematics: 6



    Algebra 1, (or Algebra based course): 2




    Geometry, (or Geometry based course): 2




    Mathematics of the student’s choice: 2




    (2 of the 6 credits must be taken in grade 12)

    Science: 6



    Earth, space, environment, or applied science:2




    Biological: 2




    Physical/Chemistry: 2




    (4 of the credits must be laboratory based)

    Social Studies: 5



    US History: 2




    American Government: 2




    Economics: 1

    Humanities: 4



    World History: 2




    Fine or Performing Arts, Foreign Language, etc.: 2

    Health: 1



    PE: 1



    Technology: 1



    Senior Project: 1



    Total Required Credits: 34



    Total Elective Credits: 12



    Total Credits: 46