• The "Advanced Opportunities" suite provides students a chance to earn college or professional-technical credits – paid for by the state – while in middle or high school.
    The culmination of these programs is "Dual Credit for Early Completers." Under this program, students who complete all state (not district) high school graduation requirements early (excluding Senior Project and senior mathematics requirement) are eligible to take up to 18 credits per semester at any accredited post-secondary school and take up to six exams (AP/CLEP/Career-Technical, etc.) per semester. 
    Early Graduation Scholarships are available to students who graduate from high school at least one year early.  The scholarship is valued at around  $1,500 for every year skipped and can be used at any Idaho public post-secondary institution. Students will register for these courses through the same Advanced Opportunities portal.
  • For More Information:
    Mike Nelson
    Director of Curriculum & Assessment
    (208) 664-8241