If you are interested in pursuing Advanced Opportunities, you may be overwhelmed with the application process and college-level lingo. Here are some helpful tips to set you up for success:

    Meet with your school guidance counselor
    Our district high schools locally manage our "Advanced Opportunities." By meeting with your counselor, you can review your Career Development plan, as well as course options that are at the high school campus, college campus, or online.

    Maintain your Four-year Learning Plan 
    Having a preliminary course plan sketched out is critical to effectively take advantage of the possibilities available through Advanced Opportunities. The learning plan should include courses that will be taken for dual credit. This should be a fluid document because long term goals are likely to change. Thoughtful and intentional planning will help ensure that the credits you earn will apply toward the certificate or degree you intend to attain.
    Reach out to Colleges/Universities
    Idaho institutions have personnel available to assist you in planning for the transition between high school and college. Reach out to the dual credit offices across the state to learn about the options available for high school students. Do not feel limited to just your local institutions. Many colleges/universities have both online and satellite campuses.
    Create an Advanced Opportunities account
    By creating an account, you will be able to track where your funds are, request payment for courses and exams, and view the status of payments. Accounts must be activated by your school before funds are allocated. Check with your local school district to learn more about your local application process for Advanced Opportunities funding.
  • For More Information:
    Mike Nelson
    Director of Curriculum & Assessment
    (208) 664-8241 
  • The Coeur d'Alene School District can accept credits from any accredited institution approved by the AdvancED.  In the State of Idaho, many students find that courses from the following online providers meet these requirements although they are listed in no particular order:
    No matter your choice, students and parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their student's counselor to choose courses that will be accepted and allow for progression in the program.