How To Be An Inventor! | Kid President

It's easy to make fun of stuff - it's cooler to make stuff! Kid President has a life-long wish fulfilled when he gets to see how jet engines are made and is provided with the inspiration to finish a project of his own. Special thanks to GE for letting Kid President dance around your facility.


Watch the design process in action with educational how-to videos of engineering projects and activities kids can try at home.


Share your engineering ideas and drawings with the community. Join special design challenges. See what other kids are creating and add to their inventions.

15 Accidental Inventions You Can't Imagine Your Life Without

Some of the greatest inventions we use every day were created by accident. From the microwave to ice-cream cones, the accidental inventions on this list completely changed our way of life. Sometimes things don't go according to plan. But every now and then, it's for the better! American chemist Roy J.

11 Kid Inventors Break Down Their Greatest Inventions | The New Yorker

Students between the ages of six and twelve offer sage advice at the National Invention Convention on solving real-world problems, big and small. Behold: the Blackberry Picker, Storibot, and the ChemotheraPop.

Top 15 GENIUS KIDS - who invented amazing things

Genius children with genius minds. Today we're taking a look at some truly amazing kid inventions! Several segments are licensed under creative commons Check out these amazing channels for more related videos: BrainGames The Top Fives show brings you informational and entertaining top five videos! Join us and subscribe for more.