• Excel Foundation  
    It is my pleasure to inform you about the Excel Foundation and how their generous grant will be affecting our science classes.  Due to a grant proposal that I wrote and submitted this year entitled "High Velocity Physics," I have been able to purchase various Velocity and Forces Lab equipment from Vernier Science.  
    The Excel Foundation is an organization that raises funds for education in the Coeur d Alene School district and this year alone they have awarded over $102,000 in grants to CdA School District teachers.  Please visit their website http://excelcda.wordpress.com/
    This year I am the proud recipient of the Potlach Grant to the total of $3217.82.  
    1.      One grant each year in the Science discipline shall be known as the “Potlatch Grant”.
    (This special grant award, established in October 2000, is given to the teacher(s) who exhibit excellence in an effort to be creative and innovative through implementation of an EXCEL grant in the area of science. This grant, awarded annually honors John Richards,
    who through contributions and service demonstrated an unmatched dedication and support of the EXCEL Foundation, Inc. over the past decade.  Upon his retirement from Potlatch Corporation, the company donated $100,000.00 in honor of John Richards.)
    If you would like you can visit the Vernier website found at http://www.vernier.com/products/lab-equipment/vds/ to see some of the things that your students will be working with.  In addition to the Dynamics Systems that I was able to purchase, I was also able to purchase a Projectile Launcher so we can look at motion in 2 dimensions, a Dual Force Sensor, Optics and Color Mixing Tools, and a motion detector so students can study a wide range of subjects related to the physical world.  I am excited and anticipate the arrival of our materials within the next two weeks.  It is wonderful that we have so many people in the community who work with or donate to the Excel Foundation so that we can have these extras in the classroom to promote excellence in education.  I will continue to apply for more grants in the future so I can continue to offer students the best in hands on learning in the areas of Physics and Physical Science.