• The Coeur d'Alene School District's elementary and middle schools participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. School buildings have their own bees early in the new year with grade-level contests following. The winners at each school advance to the district's spelling bee. School alternate winners are encouraged to attend the district spelling bee and if the school winner is not able to participate, then the alternate winner will compete in their place. 

  • Practice Materials
    2019 District Spelling Bee Champions
    Grade 03 - Lalana Saitta (Ramsey)
    Grade 04 - Taylor Smith (Bryan)
    Grade 05 - Bailey Burke (Ramsey)
    Grade 06 - Ashland Schnell (Canfield)
    Grade 07 - Carter Lingenfelter (Woodland)
    Grade 08 - Katarina Bried (Woodland)
    2020 District Spelling Bee Champions
    Grade 03 - Charlotte Hober (Skyway)
    Grade 04 - Vivianna Dyreson (Borah)
    Grade 05 - Samuel Smith (Sorensen)
    Grade 06 - Emerson Rakes (Lakes)
    Grade 07 - Connor Daley (Woodland)
    Grade 08 - Sarah Fleshman (Canfield)