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Mr. Nicholas Quick - Skyway Librarian

Hello Skyway Families,

I hope the New Year is treating everyone well. We wrapped up 2023 in a relaxed way in the library, with a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” reading, stuffy session, and a special library game. After the long winter break we’ve had a refresher on the library’s organization, a review of our book report standings, and will be doing work within reference materials like dictionaries & thesauruses soon. K & 1st grade readings are listed at the bottom of this page. 

At times throughout the year I like to provide data on how the library is operating. Our library has a lot of books and sees a ton of usage. While I can communicate that, often numbers do a better job of relaying this than words. Here is our school year by the numbers:

·        12,337 books are in circulation (available for students)

·        10,310 books have been checked in & out

o   October was the highest month with 3,582 books circulated

·        41 books = avg. number of check-outs by the top five library users

·        13 books = avg. number of check-outs per student in the entire school

·        1,459 = total number of book reports submitted

o   39 = avg. number of book reports submitted by the top five students

o   152 = avg. number of book reports submitted by the top five classes

§  I record & catalog each and every one!

·        Top five series: Dog Man / Cat Kid / I Survived / Baby Sitters Club / World Records (Guinness & Scholastic)

As you can see, the library keeps myself & Meghan quite busy!

We’ll be focusing a bit more on overdue items over the next few weeks. You may receive an email or communication in regard to this, particularly if your student has a book checked out for multiple months. If you have questions about the overdue title or would like a picture of the cover, please message me and I can send the information over to you.

If you’re not sure whether a book at your house is from school, all of our library books have a barcode that says “Skyway Elementary School” and a stamp on the inner cover or first few pages. We appreciate your consideration!

Thanks for reading,
Mr. Quick
24th January 2024

K & 1st Grade Weekly Reading Log:
1. Put Me in the Zoo by Dr. Seuss
2. Llama Llama Mess Mess Mess by Anna Dewdney 
3. Berenstein Bears & The Double Dare by Stan & Jan Berenstein 
4. The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle 
5. Pete the Cat's Groovy Imagination by Kimberly & James Dean 
6. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid by Linda Williams 
7. I Can Read with My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss 
8. If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff
9. Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson (+2nd grade)
10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss (all grades)
11. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Kimberly & James Dean
12. Click, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin
13. Snow by Uri Schulevitz
14. Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss (+2nd grade)
15. The Big Honey Hunt by Stan & Jan Berenstein (+2nd grade)


Key Library Dates

Spring Break: 25th - 29th March 2024

Second Book Fair: 22nd - 26th April 2024

Last Day of Library Specials - 31st May 2024


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