• Suggestions to help your child develop good communication skills

    ...in early elementary grades (K-2):

    • Talk with your child frequently
    • Read a variety of books; read often and talk with your child about the story
    • Help your child focus on sound patterns of words such as those found in rhyming games
    • Have your child retell stories and talk about events of the day
    • Talk with your child during daily activities; give directions for your child to follow (e.g., making cookies)
    • Talk about how things are alike and different
    • Give your child reasons and opportunities to write

    ...in later elementary grades (3-5):

    • Continue to encourage reading; find reading material that is of interest to your child
    • Encourage your child to form opinions about what he or she hears or reads and relate what is read to experiences
    • Help your child make connections between what is read and heard at school, at home, and in other daily activities
    • Talk aloud as you help your child understand and solve problems encountered in reading material
    • Help your child recognize spelling patterns, such as beginnings and endings of words (e.g., pre-or -ment)
    • Encourage your child to write letters, keep a diary, or write stories