• Policies

    Students are encouraged to check out a book(s) during their weekly thirty minute library class. They may not check out a book if he/she already has a book checked out; a book must first be returned and then the student may check another book out.


    Kindergarten will be learning about book care and library manners. They will check out books for classroom use only beginning mid-October.  

    First grade students may check out one book, after learning book care and library manners.

    Second through fourth grade students may have two books checked out at any time.

    Fifth grade students may have three books checked out at any time.

    Books may be renewed each week, for up to three weeks. Books that are three weeks overdue are marked lost and a fine to replace it is generated, which must be paid before another book may be checked out.

    In the event a book is lost or damaged, the parents/guardians of the student will be asked to pay for the book. Checks are made payable to Atlas Elementary and may be turned into the library or the office. Overdue notices are periodically sent home.

    Should the book be found and returned in good condition, the amount that was paid will be reimbursed within the school year. If the book is found over the summer, you have until the end of September to return it for reimbursement.

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