Health Services Coordinator

  •  leanne bullamoreLeanne Bullamore, Health Services Coodinator
     BSN, RN

    Leanne joined the District as a school nurse in 2015 after completing a school nurse certification course at Washington State University where she focused on preventive care and upstream thinking. Having previously cared for a primarily geriatric population with chronic diseases in an acute care setting, she was excited to begin working with staff and students to help promote health and wellness in our community. Leanne has over 26 years of experience in the medical field, including medical billing, office and laboratory management, acute care, and school nursing.

    Leanne holds two associate degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity with a concentration in biblical languages. She has served as President of the School Nurse Organization of Idaho and is currently serving as Treasurer. Her other interests include volunteering at summer youth camps and freelancing as a Google Sheets expert. Leanne lives in Coeur d'Alene and loves spending time with her grandchildren, who attend school in the district.

    District Office
    (208) 664-8241

School Nurse Contact Information / By School

  •    amy bell school nurse Amy Bell, BSN, RN  

        Sorensen Magnet School / Fernan STEM Academy
        (208) 664-2822 / (208) 664-2659

  •    ashely jameson Ashley Jameson, BSN, RN  

        Atlas Elementary / NExA Elementary
        (208) 762-0626 / (208) 763-0800

  • Erin Dever, School Nurse

       Erin Dever, BSN, RN
       Skyway Elementary 
       (208) 664-8998
       Idaho's 2018
       School Nurse of the Year


  •    lynsey foster Lynsey Foster

        Borah Elementary / Early Learning Center
        (208) 664-5844 / (208) 620-2031

  •    V. Kimball Victoria Kimball, BSN, RN  

        Hayden Meadows Elementary/Dalton Elementary
        (208) 772-5006 / (208) 772-5364

2023 School Nurse Conference

  • 2023 School Nurse Conference