• Hello DC/NYC Travelers!


    My hope is this school year is going smoothly and that you are well. My attempts to message through the School Tours of America do not seem to be reaching travelers. Instead, I am emailing each of you. Our trip enrollment date has been extended. We need 10 more to sign up to complete our tour. That also means it’s time to start connecting and collecting information.


    Before the trip in June, please make sure travelers have proper ID for travel.I suggest getting the government issued ID for students sooner than later. By the end of November I will need information to gain security access for a White House tour - this clearance is done months prior.  Fingers crossed we get this! I will need the full name, birthdate, birth place, and social security numbers for ALL travelers. This info will be submitted to our Idaho senator’s office to get the security clearances. 


    Other orders of business that will be handled later in this preparation are rooming choices and presenters for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. For Lakes students, conference night is the perfect time to stop in and say hello. Woodland travelers, we will get a meeting scheduled in November. I recommend you reach out to me anytime! My cell is 208-660-3631


    Stay in touch. Enjoy our chilly fall,

    ~ Stacey Doerr 
    8th Grade US History
    8th Grade DC/NY Trip Leader
    7th Grade Girls Basketball
    Lakes Middle School             

Informational Flyer and Registration Form

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