• My name is Troy Wassink. I am a husband, father and educator. The thing that I enjoy doing the most is spending time with my wife and two daughters. We spent this past summer hanging out at the lake and making frequent trips to Silverwood. Some other things that I like to do in my free time are cycling, fishing and camping. Every year I look forward to following the Mariners and Seahawks through their seasons.

    I chose a career in teaching because I have a passion for working with children. I want to be a positive male role model in student’s lives. I have a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Idaho State University, and have worked in the science field for four years. While working in the science field I learned that I have a passion for science and want to share that passion with others. Teaching children is especially appealing to me because it is constantly challenging me to improve myself both as a person and as a professional. It involves constant critical thinking about how to change and improve experiences and learning for the students.

    Choosing to go back to school was the easiest and hardest decision I have made. It was difficult to leave the science industry that I love. However I know that I have found my true calling. With teaching I am able to combine my science knowledge with my love for kids. I will be able to use my flexible, laid back personality to share my passion and knowledge of science to my classes.

    I teach with a hands-on, minds-on approach to mathematics and science. Your child will learn through exploration and experiences. They will discover subjects through rich discussion and dialog. By allowing the students to work with their hands it will facilitate discussion and increased interest in the subject matter. 

    It is very important for me to get to know your sons and daughters as individuals. I will focus on proactive management rather than reactive management. I will reward students for good behavior instead of just punishing poor behavior. Inside my classroom mutual respect and active engagement are used as a foundation for classroom management. 

    As your child’s teacher this year I believe that our communication and teamwork is essential as we work together to provide the best learning environment and growth possible for your child.  Please feel free to call me at school or email me any time you have any questions or concerns.  
    Ramsey:  765-2010  email:  twassink@cdaschools.org

    For more information and our class calendar please visit our class website at twassink.weebly.com


    Troy Wassink
  • email address - twassink@cdaschools.org
    Phone number - (208)765-2010
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  • Ramsey has instituted these three statements as our school “motto” so you will hear me refer to these with the students and see it in my newsletters as well.

    BE  SAFE

    Please talk to your child about how these play into their day at school in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, and at home as well.

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