• Physics
    "All Science is either Physics or stamp collecting." - Ernest Rutherford
    Welcome to Mr. Bell's Physics page.  Throughout the semester please refer to Skyward to look for grades, assignments, projects, and test scores.  I also utilize the Google Classroom as a wonderful location to upload digital copies of assignments and notes.  Please don't hesitate to come in and talk to me after school if you need extra help.
    "Physics is hard."  That is a sentence I hear quite a lot and not from students.  That is a sentence I hear from parents, teachers, and just about anyone who has taken either a high school or college Physics class.  Physics is hard, but not impossible if you put the time in outside of school to practice concepts.  Use the resources I have given you to study at home and even practice by making up your own problems and solving them.
  • The Vernier Dynamics System and Accessories are on their way!  Soon we will be able to open the box and satisfy curiosity.
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