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Martha McCormick - Ramsey Librarian

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Welcome, Ramsey families! I hope you had a chance to enjoy reading this summer. I am looking forward to a fun-filled year with lots of great books!

Each week students visit the library with their class for forty-five minutes. At that time, guidance is given to our Ramsey students as to reading selections and reading level appropriateness, but we do need your help. Our school’s library books come in a variety of interests and maturity levels to meet the needs of all Ramsey students. Please talk with your children about the books they are reading to ensure the content is appropriate for their reading level.

What happens if my child has an overdue book?
If a book is forgotten the first week the student will be reminded to bring it back as soon as possible so he/she can check out a new book. The second week a note will go home to help remind your child and you that he/she has a book checked out that needs to be returned. In the third week there will be a reminder call home from either me or your child. If your child fails to return the book by the fourth week, he/she will lose their recesses until the books are returned or a replacement fee is paid.

If you have any questions, please free to call me or your child’s teacher at 765-2010 or email me at I am looking forward to an exciting, reading-filled school year with Ramsey’s Radical Readers!

Love to read by reading with someone you love!

Ramsey Fall Book Fair