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    This course allows students to actively investigate the most current scientific research behind the nature of Earth's global climate system, and the factors influencing this system.

    This includes:

    • interactions of matter and energy among the atmosphere, oceans, solid earth and biosphere,
    • stability and sensitivity of climate systems,
    • natural variability and historical records of Earth's climates,
    • global warming, ozone depletion, and other human influences on Earth's climate , and
    • impacts of climate change on human societies and earth systems.

    Students may choose to earn five college credits through University of Washington by successfully completing this course. While it is encouraged, enrollment for credits through the University of Washington is not mandatory. Students may choose to take this class solely for Lake City High School credits.

    If a student chooses to enroll for the University of Washington credits, there is a course fee that covers the costs of all given credits. "UW in the High School" courses offer students UW credits at a substantial savings over on-campus rates. The cost is approximately $60 per credit, and students should check with their counselor or Mr. Esler for the most up to date information on 2013-2014 enrollment and registration.
    For more information, please visit https://www.outreach.washington.edu/uwhs/