• Click link below for information on Senior Baby Ads

    Senior Baby Ad Creation

    School Code: 7527

    Purchase your SENIOR YEARBOOK AD or SENIOR FULL PAGE GROUP YEARBOOK AD at the online Yearbook Order Center !

    Use code 7527

    Senior Ad Online Creation Guide       (Last Day to Purchase is February 3!)

    Senior Ad help appointments:

    Need help with your ad?  The yearbook staff is available to assist you. Email nbjurstrom@cdaschools.org with any questions

    Please bring:

    ·        Your pictures 

    ·        The message you want to write on your ad

    ·        An electronic form of payment (debit/credit card)


    LCHS Room A2--Please check in at the front office. 
    Senior Ad Creation Demo

    Get information on how to create and purchase a 2016 Senior or Senior Group Ad here:

    Senior Ad Demo (video)

    Online Senior Ad Creation Guide

    WalMart & Walgreens scan photos to CD for your ads!

    Walmart    Walgreens
    Walmart                                                               Walgreens

                Senior Ad Examples
    Sr Ads


    Photographer Info for Senior Pictures

    Dress Code for Senior Pictures

    School dress code will be enforced.  Please review the dress code online in its entirety below: 

    Not following the dress code will prevent your portrait from being published. 

    LCHS Dress Code


    Eshare Upload Information

    Eshare Instructions

    Photographers, parents, students and community members can us our Eshare program to upload pictures for our yearbook.


    Or www.hjeshare.com and enter the school code twolf. 

    All senior photos must be uploaded into Eshare by the deadline or it will not be able to be published in the yearbook