• Coeur d'Alene High School

    Viking Marching Band/Pep Band


    Rehearsals : Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 4:00pm 


    If you are a current member of Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble, you may take this class for credit (Year-Long class).


    We perform for all home Varsity Football (FB) and selected Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball (BB) games.  We also perform at all CHS Pep Assemblies. 




    1. Show up on time

    2. Be willing to arrange your schedule to make every rehearsal and performance

    3. Be prepared with music and instrument

    4. Be prepared to work hard 

    5. Have fun!


    First Rehearsal is Thursday, September 5, 2019!!!

    (Only THREE rehearsals before our first game)


    Rehearsal Schedule as follows (2:40pm-4:00pm): 

    September - all Tue/Thu 

    October - all Tue/Thu 

    November - all Tue/Thu 



    December - all Tue/Thu 

    January -all Tue/Thu 

    February - all Tue/Thu (until end of Basketball season) 

    Friday         12/06/2019 Double Header vs Rogers HS - 5pm call time
    Wednesday  12/18/2019 Boys BB vs Cheney HS 6pm call time
    Thursday     01/02/2020 Girls BB vs Lakeland HS 6pm call time
    Friday         01/10/2020 Double Header vs Lake City HS -
                                        FIGHT FOR THE FISH - 5pm call (AT LCHS!!!)
    Friday         01/17/2020 Double Header vs Lewiston HS 5pm call time
    Tuesday      01/21/2020 Boys BB vs Lakeland HS 6pm call time
    Thursday     01/30/2020 Double Header vs Lake City HS 5pm call time
    Tuesday      02/11/2020 Boys BB vs Sandpoint HS 6pm call time
       (Girls Playoff games TBA)   
       (Boys Playoff games TBA) 


    March - Tuesdays/Thursdays as needed 

    April - Tuesdays/Thursdays as needed

    May - Tuesdays/Thursdays as needed

    We may add or take away dates to this rehearsal schedule on an as needed basis.