Did you know…

    1. Better Nutrition:  Nutritional analysis shows that school meals provide three times as many dairy products, twice as much fruit and seven times the vegetables when compared to the average sack lunch.
    2. Portion Control:  The meals served as part of the National School lunch Program are provided in age-appropriate serving sizes, making school meals one of the last places in the U.S. where you can purchase a meal with the recommended serving sizes.
    3. Nutrient Dense:  School lunch menus for one week meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and provide one-third of RDA's of protein, Vitamin A and C, iron and calcium.
    4. Cost Effective:  The average cost of a school meal is less than the total cost of packing a sack lunch (especially if you count your time and gas costs).
    5. Classroom Dollars Kept in the Classroom:  School meal programs are cost effective businesses that receive an average of only $2.70 for all the food, labor, supplies, maintenance, and program services provided as part of a school lunch.  A break-even school meal program helps a school district keep district dollars in the classroom.
    6. Flavored Milk = More Nutrients:  Flavored sweetened milk delivers the same key nutrients as regular milk to meet critical nutrition needs for young growing students.  Studies show that when flavored milk is offered, students drink twice the amount of milk therefore getting the critical bone-building nutrients of calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium and therefore helping to prevent osteoporosis later in life.
    7. Breakfast Served:  Coeur d'Alene schools offer a nutritious breakfast that improve learning and save parents time.
    8. Most Technically Trained Staff:  Professional education and technical certification for school nutrition employees are the highest for any in the food service industry.  Sanitarians recognize schools as the safest place to eat, with the highest scores on inspections of any food service establishment.  We have 55,000 SNA professional association members throughout the country.
    9. Let's Move:  School meal programs are committed to supporting Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign and are committed to investing in the health of our country's future.
    10. Big Business/Local Support:  Idaho school meal programs contribute to our local economy through the purchase of food products and participate in "Farm to School" programs utilizing locally grown and produced products.