Katie Ebner Katie Ebner  
    Director of Finance 
    Katie's responsibilities include maintenance of the accounting system, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the District's financial reporting. She supervises the finance department, the assistant treasurers at each school and is the appointed Treasurer for the District Board of Trustees.


    Payroll Manager
    Sandy manages the payroll department and is your contact for questions regarding time sheets, paychecks, payroll changes (W-4's, address, etc.), payroll due dates, time off, direct deposit, annuities and state retirement (PERSI).  She keeps up-to-date to ensure compliance on state and federal taxes, reporting requirements, labor issues, Section 125 plan, 401(k) and 403(b) rules and regulations along with the state retirement issues on reporting. 
    Payroll Specialist
    NJ assists with payroll and is the contact person for questions regarding time off, AESOP downloads, substitute time sheets, and employee time off setup and accruals.  She also completes attendance verification and gathers attendance numbers from schools for reports.


    Accounts Payable Manager/Bidding Specialist
    Barbara manages the accounts payable department and is your contact for questions regarding correct purchasing, travel, employee reimbursement, and bidding procedures. Her responsibilities include approving purchase orders, travel claims, and potential new vendors for the District, as well as preparing and issuing the annual 1099 tax forms, preparing the District’s requests for bids and proposals as needed, handling the in-lieu-of-transportation reimbursement program for parents of our students, calculating and invoicing for Transportation services and Print Shop services, and managing/reconciling the District’s credit card program.
    Accounts Payable Assistant
    Beth is the Accounts Payable Assistant and is responsible for processing invoices for payment, issuing checks, reviewing vendor statements, receiving and distributing the daily mail, and assisting employees and the public with their accounts payable inquiries.


    Accounts Receivable & Facility Rentals
    As the Accounts Receivable Assistant, Rene is responsible for invoicing vendors used by the District as well as documenting funds received.  As the Facility Use Assistant, she is responsible for coordinating the Facility Leasing of district sites to the public.  This includes working closely with each school to maintain the district Facility Leasing calendar as well as invoicing for leased space.


    Fixed Assets Specialist
    Pam manages all the fixed assets and room inventory for the district and is the contact person for questions regarding inventory.