A DAY

    A1 - PREP

    A2 - Honors Spanish III / NIC 101 / 102

    A3 - Honors Spanish III / NIC 101 / 102

    A4 - Spanish II

    B DAY

    B5 - PREP

    B6 - Spanish II

    B7 - Spanish II

    B8 - Spanish II 

    Email is my preferred method of contact.  I will respond within 24 hrs.   If you prefer a phone call, please email me a phone number & the best time to reach you. pcurrie@cdaschools.org    

    Most questions can be answered by viewing your student's grade in Skyward.  It is generally updated daily. If you need login assistance with Skyward, please contact the main office. ¡Gracias!

    I'm available for extra tutoring after school.  Please check in advance.  Be advised sometimes I have meetings or appointments so I am not always available. Students are always welcome to study or do their homework in my room after school. An outside tutor is also available.  See Sra. Currie for her contact information.


    An asterisk means the assignment has not been scored yet.  It is not counting for or against the overall grade.

    0 = The assignment was not completed, is missing, or is make-up work to be scored if completed on time.

    ***Please do not email me via Skyward! Emails do not go to my inbox.*** 

    - Homework / in-class assignments:  5pts each

    - Vocabulary Quizzes:  15pts each

    - Chapter Exams:  points vary

    - Essays / Paragraphs / Letters:  points vary