• ¡Felicitaciones!  You're now un estudiante avanzado.  Our focus this year is building upon grammar & vocabulary from levels 1 & 2.  This class is "co-seated" meaning some students are earning 5 college credits from NIC.  See Sra. Currie if you are NOT set up for college credit and wish to be.  This is the year it all comes together with writing & communicating!  Students will participate in a significant amount of reading, writing & speaking activities.  They are expected to speak Spanish upon entering class.  A strong understanding of grammar & vocabulary from levels 1 & 2 are necessary for success in level 3.  We are using previously learned grammar concepts. They will not be re-taught as in levels 1 & 2, but reviewed as they are presented.  If one needs additional help with grammar, please see Sra. Currie after school.  It is imperative to get help right away if one is confused in order to keep up with the curriculum.  Please contact Sra. Currie if you have any concerns. Additional tutoring options are also available.  

    Semestre 1 - Descubre - Ch1, 2, 3

    Semestre 2 - Descubre - Ch4, 5, 6 


    35% - Tarea y Participación

    60% - Examenes y Examencitos 

    5%   - Cuaderno 

    Cuaderno:  If you are missing a page of notes, please copy or photocopy from another classmate. Vocabulary lists can be printed from the vocabulario section on the class website.  

    Cuadernos will be checked before each grading period.  It needs to be labeled, organized, & in order with ALL notes & vocabulary prior to grading for credit.  No partial notebook credit is given.  It is all or nothing.

NIC 101 / 102