• ¡Felicitaciones!  You're now un estudiante avanzado.  Our focus this year is expanding grammar & vocabulary.  We are learning multiple verb tenses. For success in level 2, students need to have a good foundation from level 1 to build upon. Some grammar will be reviewed at the beginning of the year before introducing level 2 concepts.  Review concepts will not be re-taught with a lot of practice.  If extra help is needed, please see Sra. Currie after school.  Additional tutoring available. See Sra. Currie for details.

    Libro:  Así Se Dice 2 

    Semestre 1 - Repaso,  Capítulo 1-3

    Semestre 2 - Capítulo 4-6, Repaso final

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    35% - Tarea y Participación

    60% - Examenes y Examencitos 

    5%   - Cuaderno 

    Cuaderno:  If you are missing a page of notes, please copy or photocopy from another classmate. Vocabulary lists can be printed from the vocabulario section on the class website.  

    Cuadernos will be checked before each grading period.  It needs to be labeled, organized, & in order with ALL notes & vocabulary prior to grading for credit.  No partial notebook credit is given.  It is all or nothing.

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