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2020-2021 Insurance Changes

  • 2020-21 Insurance News for Retirees

    If your retirement date is 9/1/20, you will still need to elect your health benefits during the open enrollment period! We do NOT want to risk losing coverage for the month of September, 2020. Your retirement benefits will start 10/1/20. 
    2020-2021 insurance changes effective September 1, 2020 
    Are you under 65 years of age and making changes to your benefits this year? Please complete and download enrollment forms below then contact Shelley at the District office at 664-8241 ext 10032. or email
    • Blue Cross Medical- No changes in the health benefit coverage but an average 8.73% Blue Cross renewal increase in monthly premiums. See insurance rates in the retirement section.


    • Blue Cross Dental - $1,250 yearly benefit maximum. 0% renewal increase. See insurance rates in the retirement section.


    • Willamette Dental - 1.62% Dental Blue Connect renewal increase in monthly premium costs. See insurance rates in the retirement section.


    • Vision - No change in vision benefit coverage 0% United Heritage renewal increase in monthly premiums. See insurance rates in the retirement section.

    Please note that if you want to make any changes to your insurance plans please download forms below and contact one of us in Human Resources to complete the required paperwork before Friday, August 7, 2020, at 5:00.   


    Over 65 retiree changes, please note the following Dental and Vision changes effective 1/1/19.

     Blue Cross Dental >65 

    -          $1,250 yearly benefit maximum. 

     -         The rates are $40.90 per person.

     -         The Network is a PPO Dental Network.  What does this mean for you?  If your dentist has signed a contract to accept payment from Blue Cross on the PPO Network, nothing will change for you.  If your dentist only has a contract with Blue Cross on the Traditional network, you can still use your dentist, but your dentist might bill you beyond what Blue Cross is reimbursing your dentist now.  Most of the dentist in the area are contracted with Blue Cross on the PPO network.  


    Blue Cross Vision Coverage >65

     -          Blue Cross now offers an over 65 vision plan. This vision plan is different from our current vision plan we have in place with United Heritage.  If you currently have vision with United Heritage, you do not need to sign up for this plan.  If you do not have the United Heritage vision plan, you are able to join this plan at this time.  Please contact Blue Cross at 800-627-1188 for further information.

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Retirement Overview

  • Timeline

    Thinking of Retirement?  Visit Idaho School District Council Website for frequently asked questions about retirement.
    1 year
    Prior to retirement, sign up to attend a local PERSI workshop by calling 800-451-8228 or visit their website at to reserve a spot.

    6 months
    Prior to retirement, contact PERSI by calling 800-451-8228 or visit their website at to request a retirement application. Minimum age to retire with PERSI is age 55 in order to receive a monthly retirement benefit.
    3 months
    Prior to retirement, contact Shelley Hanzen at the District Office, ext. 10032 to schedule an individual meeting to review unused sick leave and insurance options; submit retirement letter to Human Resources.
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  • Sick leave benefit

    1.   The balance of your remaining sick days can be used to continue your health, dental, vision and/or life insurance benefits.

    2.   Your unused sick leave entitlement is figured as follows: (Sick days x .5 x daily/hourly pay rate = amount available to purchase benefits)

    3.    After that sum is spent, you may continue these benefits by paying either with your retirement funds or direct payment.


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Retirement Accounts

  • PERSI - Base Pension Plan

    Enrollment in the PERSI Base Pension Plan is automatic with benefited employees of the Coeur d' Alene School District. Both you and your employer make contributions to PERSI. Your contributions are credited to your personal account, while employer contributions are pooled in a trust fund to cover benefits. The actual value of your benefit exceeds your contributions and the the longer you work for an eligible PERSI employer, the greater your retirement benefit will be.

    Although you may not remain a public employee your entire career, if you work for a PERSI employer and earn 60-months of service credit, you will be fully vested and receive a lifetime benefit at retirement. A 60-month vesting period does not have to be with the same PERSI Employer. When you retire, PERSI will pay you every month for as long as you live and if you selected a retirement option with survivor benefits, your Contingent Annuitant will receive a benefit for life after your death.

    For detailed information on PERSI, visit their website.( With specific questions for PERSI regarding your account, retirement or other information, call the employee answer center at 800-451-8228.

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  • PERSI Choice (401k)

    The PERSI CHOICE (401k) Plan is a defined contribution savings option for active members. It allows you to contribute a portion of your salary on a tax-deferred basis via payroll deduction. This means your contributions come out of your paycheck before taxes, thereby reducing the amount of taxes you pay during the year.

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  • Optional Retirement Accounts (403b)

    The Coeur d' Alene School District allows full time employees to make investments into optional approved 403b accounts. For more information on retirement planning with a 403b, consult with a financial advisor. Click link for Employee Plan Eligibility Notice and List of Approved 403b providers.


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  • Statewide Schools Retirement Program 2021

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PERSI Retirement Benefit Information