Finger Scan


    The School Nutrition Services Department has utilized Finger ID scan software in the cafeteria for nine years to identify your child. A touchpad sensor is used to match the image of your child’s finger to his/her school ID. No additional information is gained or stored. This information is kept secure and private similar to other educational information. The Finger ID scan cannot be printed or used for any other purpose.

    Do you actually store the student's fingerprint?

    We only need to store the measurements of the fingerprint. We measure following an algorithm based on the style and uniqueness of the print image. The next time someone places that same finger on the reader, our same algorithm can search our database and come up with this unique id.

    Could someone create a fingerprint image from what we store?

    The answer is no. The system protects from identity theft. There is no way to generate a fingerprint from what is stored. Students can opt out of the system if there is parental concern. They are in total control of their own identity since they control their finger.

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