Substitute Teaching in our District (ESS)

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    We are excited to announce that Coeur d’Alene Public Schools / District 271 has partnered with ESS to manage our Substitute Teacher program. ESS is a seasoned educational personnel and management firm with more than two decades of experience providing trained and qualified substitute staff to 800 school districts in over 30 states. We’re confident that this partnership will benefit our schools, our incredible substitute staff, and our community as a whole! Though we will no longer be responsible for the day to day execution of the program, the District will remain intimately involved with our Substitute program through ESS.

    ESS will officially begin managing our substitute program effective January 31, 2022. As an ESS employee, you will receive weekly pay, health benefits that can begin on the first day of employment, ongoing training opportunities, special incentives, and bonus programs.

    Apply at

    Please contact Lindsey Bagley at
    or (208) 664-8241 ext. 10039
    with any questions.


    Substitute Pay:

    Full-day rate; $110.00

    Half-day rate (at one building working am or pm): $55.00* 

    Two half-day rate (working am & pm but traveling to another building): $57.50 x 2 = $115.00*

    *Half days are less than four (4) hour assignments.  

    Paraprofessional Substitute Pay - $110.00 for a full day and $55.00 for a half day. (Half days are assignments less than four (4) hours)

    Long Term Pay -If you substitute for a certified teacher in the same classroom for 10 consecutive full days, we will pay you $120.00 per day starting on the 11th day.

    Retired Teacher Long Term Pay- When a substitute is a retired teacher from the Coeur d'Alene School District, he/she will be paid at the rate of $130.00 a day for a long-term assignment.

    In order to be paid accurately, all substitutes are required to sign in daily in the office prior to starting the assignment.