Substitute Teaching in our District

  • Substitutes are an integral component in School District 271. Our goal is to recruit and attract the best substitute teachers for our staff, parents, and students.  Based on a national average, substitutes teach up to one full year of a students educational experience. Skilled substitute teachers can have a significant impact on the quality of education while the permanent staff member is away. 
    District 271 hire substitutes for both general education teachers and special education paraprofessionals. The State of Idaho does not require an education credential to be eligible to substitute in Idaho. See the requirements section, below, for more info.

    Substitute Pay:

    Full-day rate; $110.00

    Half-day rate (at one building working am or pm): $55.00* 

    Two half-day rate (working am & pm but traveling to another building): $57.50 x 2 = $115.00*

    *Half days are less than four (4) hour assignments.  

    Bonus Pay- Substitutes working 16 days or more during the pay period will be eligible for a $100 monthly bonus.

    Paraprofessional Substitute Pay - $110.00 for a full day and $55.00 for a half day. (Half days are assignments less than four (4) hours)

    Long Term Pay -If you substitute for a certified teacher in the same classroom for 10 consecutive full days, we will pay you $120.00 per day starting on the 11th day.

    Retired Teacher Long Term Pay- When a substitute is a retired teacher from the Coeur d'Alene School District, he/she will be paid at the rate of $130.00 a day for a long-term assignment.

    In order to be paid accurately, all Substitutes are required to sign in daily in the office prior to starting the assignment.


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How to Apply


  • Requirements

    The State of Idaho does not require an education credential to be eligible to substitute in Idaho. District 271 hires applicants on the following criteria:

    • First priority will be given to applicants who hold an education credential.
    • Second priority will be given to applicants who hold a Bachelors Degree in an academic field.
    • Third priority will be given to applicants who are currently completing an education program at an accredited institution.
    • The District may choose to interview applicants who have a unique background to help in unique and specific subject matters such as art, music, etc.
    • Fingerprint Packet 2020
    Per Idaho Code 33-512 and 33-130 District policy, all new hires are required to undergo a criminal history background check. The Coeur d' Alene School District now requires that all substitutes submit fingerprints for a background check prior to being placed on our active sublist. The fingerprinting process is completed at the District office. The cost to the substitute is $38.25.00 via debit/credit card or money order.
    Idaho Code 33-512 (15) further requires that substitute teachers complete a background check every five (5) years. During the five (5) year period, those clearing the background check are allowed to substitute teach in any public, charter, private/parochial school in Idaho. At the end of the five (5) years, the substitute teacher must submit to a new fingerprint background check. If the fingerprints are not submitted the substitute teacher will be removed from the sub list and will no longer be eligible to substitute teach until a background check is completed.
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