• Your child’s reading skills and comprehension are very important to us, and we are working to make sure that each of our students becomes a proficient and passionate reader. Because reading skills are keys to school success, we rely on assessment information to help us tailor reading instruction for each student’s learning needs.   

    Therefore, we will be assessing our readers’ progress with two IStation assessments:

    • For Grades KG—3: Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) Early Reading Assessment
    • For Grades 4-5  Advanced Reading for grades 04-05.

    These assessments in early grades will be used to measure student growth per requirements of the State Department of Education and the Idaho Reading Indicator.

    We have selected the Istation program because ISIP Early Reading:

    • measures the skills that are most predictive of future reading success
    • measures progress in each area in a manner that is appropriate to the domain
    • provides a comprehensive snapshot of reading ability
    • engages the student with animated, game-like activities

    ISIP Early Reading and Advanced Reading are computer-adaptive assessments. Your child receives items based on his or her individual ability. Every item presented is based on the response to the previous item. These assessments immediately deliver reports to our instructional staff your child’s reading progress and identify needs. With the information from these reports, your child will receive individualized instruction to target those areas for improvement and you should expect to see these reports at regular intervals in these areas:

    • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness (rhyme; initial, middle and final sounds; segmenting and blending sounds)
    • Phonics (letter knowledge, alphabetic decoding, spelling)
    • Vocabulary (academic words in the language)
    • Comprehension (listening/language comprehension, reading comprehension)
    • Fluency (accuracy and rate, monitoring for comprehension)

    We are committed to working with your child on critical reading skills until he or she is reading on grade level. With our commitment and your help, we truly believe that your child will reach his or her full reading potential!

Assessment Results
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