Driver Education Requirements

  • Please review the below listed requirements:
    • 30 hours classroom, 6 hours driving, and observation hours.
    • Minimum of 2 students in the car at all times, unless parental permission is given per signature below.
    • Course completion no less than 6 weeks.  (42 calendar days.)
    • Students must maintain 80% or higher average in the driver education course to pass.  Students who display a poor attitude, are disruptive during class and/or show disrespect for property and other people will be immediately dismissed from the program.  No refund or credit will be issued and re-enrollment may be denied. Students shall be assessed in knowledge, skills and attitude. Students failing in any one of the three areas shall fail the course.
    • 6-12 observation hours.
    • No more than 3 absences are allowed, either driving or class combined. It is recommended that students attend all classes and drives, as makeup time is very limited.  A note from parent/guardian is required upon return to class for any absence.  Absences from an assigned drive time will be considered a classroom absence.  Students who miss a scheduled drive and have no valid excuse for the absence, will need to make-up the drive.
    • Students may only drive with the Driver Education Instructor in a dual brake controlled vehicle during the course.  Students caught driving outside class will be dismissed from the program.  No refund or credit will be issued.
    • No refunds or credits will be issued after the first three (3) classes are held.
    The district does not assume responsibility that students will be proficient drivers.  Once completing Driver Education, Idaho law requires that students under the age of 17 complete an additional six (6) months of supervised driving before their license is issued.  Your driver education instructor can answer any questions you may have concerning supervised driving.