Obtaining a Driving Permit

  • Once the CDA School District notifies the student they are in the next class, they will need to acquire a driving permit.   A parent and the student need to take the following items to the Drivers Licensing Office (DMV):
    • A current, and original Verification of Compliance (VOC) from your student’s high school office. A VOC cannot be issued at the District Office. During the summer months when your high school office is closed, a VOC may be picked up at your high school office on MONDAY only from 9 am to 2 pm. 
    • A natural parent or legal guardian must accompany student to the Drivers Licensing Office. Guardianship papers will be required at the time of application if accompanied by a legal guardian. Stepparents are not able to sign as natural parents unless they are a legal guardian. Parent/guardian must present a positive picture ID as well.
    • Certified copy of student’s birth certificate. (Only a certified copy of the birth certificate will be accepted when obtaining driver’s license).
    • Student's social security card.
    • Student's picture ID (ASB card, military dependent photo ID or photo in yearbook).
    • Glasses/contacts if needed for distance vision.



    Home Schooled Students


    Home schooled students will fill out the Verification of Compliance at the Drivers License Office. All other requirements apply for home schooled students.