FY 2023-24 Salary Schedules

Administrative Salary Schedule

  • FY 2023-24 Administrative Salary Schedule

    Initial placement on the Administrative Salary Schedule

    Credits: Only semester credits earned after the administrative credential will be counted. Quarter credits will be calculated as .667 of 1 semester credit.

    Years: A maximum of 10 years of administrative experience is allowed, placing the administrator on Step 10. Administrative experience must have been on a contract with an accredited school requiring a credential.

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Certified Salary Schedule

  • FY 2023-24 Certified Salary Schedule

    For Initial Experience Placement on the Certified Salary Schedule 

    Public K-12 experience: Only years working for an accredited public K-12 institution on a state-approved contract requiring an education credential will be counted.

    Higher education experience: Only full-time experience since fall 2005 will be counted.

    A maximum of 10 years will be awarded with placement on Step 10.

    All experience must be verified.

    For Initial Credit Placement on the Certified Salary Schedule

    Employees hired into the District will be subject to an experience index adjustment for their initial salary placement. Placement after this adjustment may not match the employee’s actual years of certificated teaching experience. However, it will be equivalent to the placement of existing teachers within the District with the same amount of experience. The actual years of teaching experience will be captured (and tracked for longevity purposes) within our District’s employee management system.

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Classified Salary Schedule

Coach-Advisor Contract