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    My name is Charlene Babb and I learned how to play chess when I was 10 years old. It was taught to me by my mother. She was a tough opponent that never let me win, but when I did, I held on to that great feeling for a very long time! I have used chess in my classroom for the past 20 years and am always encouraged at the strategies that the students learn and the patience that they have for the game. Chess is so closely related to math and many lessons can be taught just by looking at a chessboard, knowing the moves of the pieces, and deciding on which path to choose for victory.

    Chess Club at Sorensen is comprised of all ages from kindergarten to fifth grade. Students are taught the moves of the game, chess etiquette, and strategies that have been used throughout the ages. Students learn the value of chess and how it relates to real life...waiting your turn, seeking different approaches, and having a plan.
    Students are taught to shake hands before and after a game to either offer a congratulatory response or a "best of luck" at the onstart of a game. We enjoy a healthy competition with each other! We also have a few chess tournaments that we will attend in our community throughout the year, host our own chess tournaments in the club, and have a Coffee and Chess Club night at one of our local bakeries.
    Email Ms. Babb:  cbabb@cdaschools.org