• Canto de Sorensen (Choir)

    Canto 2020 Canto 2020 at Ramsey

    Canto de Sorensen is a 2nd-5th grade singing group that is dedicated to working diligently on learning the elements of choral singing; the dynamics of singing, becoming mindful of etiquette in a performance group, and the life-long enjoyment of choral music. We also learn the distinct role that music plays in bringing stories to life through song, through our countenance, and singing from the heart. 
    In Canto de Sorensen, and in all choirs, every member has a leading part. Music does not care how tall you are, how smart you are, if you can sing high or low, or if you can read fast or slow. It cares how passionate you are to deliver songs for meaning, for fun, and for making an impact, and of course, learning the right notes is always encouraged! 
    My musical background is comprised mainly of a love for choral music and participating in many choirs myself; Sweet Adelines and North Idaho College Cardinal Chorale, as well as high school and college choirs! I play the piano, am learning the banjo, and play about 10 chords on the guitar. I am fortunate to combine my love for academics and my love for choral music here at Sorensen. I am a lucky teacher.

    We are also fortunate to have our very own accompanist, Ryland Hoit, who is a former Sorensen student, who in addition to his playing for Canto, is also an accomplished pianist with the Jazz Band at Lake City High School, as well as Marching Band. 

    Happy singing!
    Email Ms. Babb:  cbabb@cdaschools.org