• Skyway Advanced Learning

    A growing line-up of activities and competitions available throughout the year are making advanced learning challenges fun and exciting.

    Invent Idaho - Also known as Invention Convention, this program encourages children to think outside the box and use their imagination to create inventions that have not yet been invented. Winners from Skyway compete at the District level, and winners from there go on to the Regionals in the spring. Skyway has even had a student to to the National level!  More information can be found at www.inventidaho.com.

    Junior Great Books - Combines rich, challenging literature with Shared Inquiry Discussion that allows students to engage in the process of interpretive reading and reflective thinking.

    Think Through Math - An on-line math program, each child in enrolled in coursework that they may work on while on any computer with Internet access. If your child does not have a login and you would like them to have one, contact Ms. O'Brien.

    Geography Bee - Our annual Skyway Geography Bee is in December each year. This contest is designed to encourage students in grades four through eight in geography.

    Spelling Bee - Skyway's classroom Spelling Bees are in early January with the school Spelling Bee later that month. Each school building will send their winners to the district level competition. Skyway students and alumni have done so well, we have had students go on to regional competition and even to nationals!

    Math Is Cool Competition - Each spring, Ms. O'Brien takes teams of math students to the competition, as well as offers an after school Math Club during the months of January - April to prepare for the event. For more information on the contest go to www.academicsarecool.com .