• Title One Schoolwide Services

    Skyway is now a Schoolwide Based Program. We are able to look at our entire educational program, rather than target services based only on identified children and funding. The procedure for the overall planning and improvement process at Skyway Elementary focuses around student achievement as evidenced by state testing results and proficiency of benchmark standards. Our goals are to meet and exceed our previous targets.

    Using data from the IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator), ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Test), classroom work, and parent/ teacher observations, Skyway uses a three tier model of instruction: Core, Primary, and Secondary. Core and Primary students receive regular or core reading and math instruction. For Primary students, the group size may be smaller to address their needs and additional time is used to address specific needs. Secondary students also receive additional instruction in reading and/or math instruction as well as the core instruction. Teaching at the Secondary level includes supplemental programs in guided reading, comprehension strategies, phonics instruction with related decoding practice, fluency training as well as sight words, and spelling. Math instruction includes math facts fluency, concepts, and applications. Collaboration regarding students and their individual progress in these three tiers enables staff to have on-going communication and maintain fluid grouping.

    Students identified as needing more intense support may be referred to what is called the RTI process (Response to Intervention) The team includes the parent, teachers, principal and other staff who are familiar with the student’s work. In a series of meetings, concerns are shared, information gathered, and additional interventions are considered. A goal is established and the student is monitored for progress toward this goal.

    In summary, Schoolwide programs are built on reform strategies, rather than separate, add-on services. They provide for flexibility in spending federal and state funds; they focus on results. Schoolwide programs comprehensively plan the overall educational program for all children in the school and attempt to address the needs of students in an integrated manner.


    In support of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Skyway Elementary will:

    • Provide an informational meeting for the parents as needed.
    • Keep parents informed of their child's academic progress, through conferences, phone calls or written reports.
    • Ensure parents will have reasonable access to the staff and the school.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer in our programs.
    • Provide parents with specific support strategies and materials to help their child with reading, spelling, and writing at home.
    • Invite parents to participate in the planning, review, and improvement of the programs by providing opportunities for parents to observe their child.