Ami Altizer     Cat Martin     Melissa Lewis     Emily Baca  
        Ami Altizer                           Cat Martin                  Melissa Lewis              Emily Aparicio
    Third Grade
    Our third grade reinforces and encourages participation in showing our character traits. Students learn the importance of personal responsibility, respect, service, human dignity, perseverance, compassion, excellence, and honesty.

    Each classroom provides a positive and caring environment where students can feel comfortable being risk takers to further their success. Students learn the importance of working cooperatively as well as becoming independent learners.

    New academic milestones are reached in third grade. These include learning the multiplication and division facts, writing paragraphs, adding and subtracting large numbers, cursive writing, and learning about our government.

    Third grade is the transitional year when students become more independent learners. When they move onto fourth grade, they will have been given the resources to be independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.