Leatha Morgan
          Mrs. Morgan
    The philosophy of Fernan Elementary art is to create a continuous learning environment in which the student develops a positive self-image through a variety of learning experiences and activities.Thinking is the essential ingredient of perception. It is vital that we plan our visual arts program so that it will stimulate and activate our students’ thinking.

    The Art Education Program provides an environment in which the student can accomplish the following goals through leaning in art.

    1. Acquire the aesthetic growth necessary to distinguish between creative self-expression and copy work.

    2. Develop an awareness and sensitivity to the natural and man-made environments.

    3. Demonstrate imaginative and innovative solutions to presented problems through the skillful use of a variety of media and tools.

    4. Analyze and evaluate their individual artistic endeavors and the work of others.

    5. Relate art in the classroom to other subject areas in the curriculum and to leisure time.

    6. Develop an appreciation and understanding of artistic culture and heritage.

    7. Become familiar with professions related to the various arts and their contributions to the development of society.

    8. Develop the appropriate skills applicable to a variety of techniques and processes.