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Sharyn Freemeyers - Winton Librarian

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Welcome to the Library!

Winton students visit the library on a weekly basis with their class. This is a great time for them to explore the library and check out books. I spend time talking about great books, reading books to the class, and teach library skills.  There are also many times throughout the week that the library is accessible. Winton library has more than 10,000 books which allows many choices, and we are continually adding new books to the library.
Please talk to your child about the books he/she is reading.  You know better than I do what is appropriate for them.  Your assistance is appreciated.
Please feel free to contact me, or come in and visit.
"Learn to love reading, by reading with someone you love!"
  • Watch the video to learn how to check out books from the library!

Box Tops

  • Box Tops for Education brings money into our school to help purchase books for our library.

    Thank you Winton families and friends for a great start with boxtop collection.  Those bits of trash add up to a lot of books for our library.

    In an effort to save paper and copier expenses, we've passed out Ziplocs with each student's name and class on it.  We will no longer be sending home collection sheets, but ask instead that you send the boxtops in a baggie.  The baggie will be returned to the student to reuse.  Of course any baggie or envelope will work -- just be sure to include the  student's name, class and number of box tops that are enclosed.  Kids receive a small prize for bringing in at least 10 boxtops. 

    Turning trash into treasures -- Box Tops really make a difference!


AR Reading

  • AR bookbag

    The AR program is a recreational reading program that makes the task of students finding books in a comfortable reading level an easy one. Students may read books from our library, books at home, or from the public library.  You can click on the above link to check the availability of a quiz and the level and points of the book.