• At Bryan Elementary School a range of counseling services are available to students, staff, and families, including:

    Individual Counseling

    Group Counseling

    Crisis Counseling




    Classroom Lessons

    504 Case Management

    ... and many other areas as needed...

    For a thorough look at the range and depth of services involved in a school counseling program, you may wish to look at:

    Idaho K-12 Comprehensive Counseling Program Model

    There are many ways to see Mr. Myers

    • Self-referral
    • Parent referral
    • Teacher referral
    • Principal referral
    • Referral from other community professionals

    In addition, counseling groups are offered to students in need of support. Counseling groups generally meet once a week over a six week period. All groups meet during the regular school day. As a regular part of the Coeur d'Alene School District educational program curriculum, these services are free to Bryan students and families.  Please view the descriptions of the regular counseling groups and classroom lessons below.

Counseling Groups and Lessons

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