• Welcome to Kindergarten...
    Borah Lions ROAR!

    Did you know kindergarten is a German word for "a garden for children"? Kindergarten age children grow in so many different ways throughout this impressionable year. Each child enters Kindergarten with different strengths and will progress at a different pace.  Our goal, here at Borah, is to help each child learn as much as possible in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

    Not only is kindergarten an opportunity for children to learn about colors, shapes, letters and numbers, it is an opportunity to learn to socialize. This is an important skill that often needs to be taught. Social skills are learned and reinforced daily during PE, Art, Music, Library, Computer, Recess and right in our classrooms.

    We created this page to share with you what is happening in the Kindergarten rooms at Borah. Kindergartners are busy learning:

    • Language Arts (letters and sounds, rhyming, guided reading, printing letters and writing)
    • Math (calendar, counting, patterns, graphing, understanding numbers)
    • Units of Study (Social Studies, Science, Health)
    • Technology (keyboarding, mouse skills, Reading Eggs, and StarFall)
    • Most of the kindergarten learning is done through themes that integrate District 271's curriculum for Kindergarten.