• Welcome to Sorensen!

    Sorensen Magnet School for the Arts and Humanities is an artistically-enriched school which empowers students by providing an academically excellent education for every child.

    The Sorensen Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers, consisting of parents and teachers who work to enhance Sorensen students' educational experience; encourage parent involvement; support teachers, staff, and administration, and to enrich the educational environment through volunteer efforts and financial support.

    As an organization, we work together to plan various activities throughout the school year that help support our teachers and staff and have a direct benefit to all the children at our amazing little school.

    Some of the activities that the PTO plans are:  the beloved Sorensen coupon books, Roger's Ice Cream & Burgers Night, Halloween Dance, Triple Play Night, feed the teachers, teacher appreciation week, and many more.

    The PTO is also involved in the planning of our Annual Sorensen Auction & Soiree, which is responsible for funding all of our magnet related programs.

    All parents and staff are welcome to attend the monthly PTO meetings, which are generally held the third Monday of the month (September through May) at 3:45 pm (unless otherwise stated in our calendar) in the Sorensen Library.  The meetings are a great way to meet new parents, find out what is happening at the school, and find out different ways to get involved to help keep all these great activities going.  Please join us!


    Learn About Our Annual Sorensen Auction & Soiree

    Co-President:Chandra Paton and Danielle Quade

    Treasurer: Brenda Bookholtz

    Secretary: Jessica Petersen

    Maint PTO E-mail

    Parent Liaisons:
    Nicole Berk: nicoleberk@gmail.com
    Cora Mikkelsen: coramikkelsen@gmail.com
    Jordan Taylor: jordantaylor03@gmail.com 


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